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Welcome to TCR Productions, formerly known as Tri-Cross Recording. While no longer a recording House for hire, we are still very active in the marketplace. We have intensified our efforts and focused resources on a selective group of projects.  We believe these projects will result in products that stir people to proactively search for God.  


In a grass roots fashion, our projects start with musical composition, song-writing and instrumentation all arranged in house. To cultivate the art from start to finish is the way we insure the end products will achieve the goal. Therefore, we rarely use public domain music, art or film stock. The TCRP team has the autonomy within these projects to create with aspiration products with the attributes to inspire.  


This team of dedicated talented individuals and I have joined together in  devoting  our  time and energies to achieving this ambitious goal  imbedded in  Art, Music, literature and film.  We believe TCRP will be the vehicle for us as we pursue our lifelong endeavor to create, develop and distribute life changing products.

My personal drive and motivation comes from a need I have to fulfill a commission i've been charged to do, which is to share this message...

"Love and forgiveness is the palette in which Christ Jesus

paints our redemption's picture." 

Abundant life this moment and hereafter, is yours for the asking.  

Just believe...

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