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OMWOC Films on YouTube

Six short stories plus extras that are sure to encourage your walk with Christ.

These movies are created with the intent to get and keep you in a mindset that will remind you that God is always present, willing and able to help you if you are willing to be helped.  Someone today is in need of help, direction and encouragement.  You will be surprised at just how much good can come from your efforts, God's help and His anointing. 



These four short stories show a slightly different take on how the rapture may in fact appear to an observer.  Here is a wake up call to the one who believes and the non-believer alike.  Why gamble on the outset of your eternity when the cost has been paid and the redemption is free?



Spirit of Drums

Learn optional ways to enhance your playing style, speed and efficiency.  See realistic performances of difficult rudimental exercises and learn how they can be used in simple and complex musical arrangements.  Once you realize that the artistically rendered and high speed rudimental executions can be obtainable, you will begin to experience a whole new excitement which we refer to as the "Spirit of Drums."

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