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FSOB (For Sale by Owner)

A young woman's concern about the safety in her neighborhood drives her to the very fate she was trying to avoid by moving.  Shannon Reid does a stellar performance as she brings you to a point of realizing that worry and fear are your greatest enemies and if left unchecked, they may just cause your demise.

Real Deal

Are you ready for eternity?  Powerful & thought provoking...

This is a remarkable account of a man's life as seen from his mind from the other side of eternity.  Jeff (played by Roger Michel) relives his life's last moments on earth over and over again with no opportunity of ever having a second chance to change his destiny.  His only hope is the possibility of a glimmer of light that may or may not hold for him hope of a new beginning.  Find out what the outcome holds for him and possibly for you too.

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