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  • Allen Pitts

Time is Just Time

Just think about it... today it's all that matters at this moment.

What are you doing? Getting ready to have a nice drive through Gods world, earth…

I'm giving you steps right now to do.

It looks like you need to keep the moment you're in more present.

Let your thoughts about the present moment you're in, that is the pleasant things that are in the moment you are in, produce emotions.

Take a deep breath a few times and breathe out slowly and clear your mind.

Then think about God is in you this very moment,

And it's a good moment.

It's a happy moment.

Breathe out slowly…

And with each breath, say lord, “Take away my thoughts and give me yours.”

After you've done that a few times...then stay in the present ...look around you and see and feel God.

There's just You and me in the car, God, and there surrounding.

You have control

Over your mind.

What I'm saying to you is what you say to your self.

Put on some music and lay in His praises.

A warrior stays focus on the now.

Trust me this is where the victory is had.

The enemys job is to get you thinking about everything else and their conclusions.

That's ok he's doing his thing attacking you and that means your worth his attention.

Do your job and focus on Jesus. His life, His grace, His mercies and His kindness.

Talk to Him and keep Him present.

You have the power of Holy Spirit inside. You are a son of God.

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